October 16, 2009

Being Snookered

I received an email from a friend this morning wondering what all this attention on Olympia Snowe is about.  She is getting the kind of praise that a new Saviour would get.  Come on folks, she is one one-hundredth of an organization AND ONLY 1/40th of her party..  And her vote is really not needed.  If this is what Obama has spent the last 9 months on—bipartisanism—what is the next 3 years, three months going to look like?
Then in another month or so we are going to hear "what great people we are, look what we have done for the American people, we have ALMOST covered everybody. when they pass some watered down health bill that doesn't do what WE wanted and asked for.  THIS IS A STRONG BI-PARTISAN EFFORT? . . .   Again, to quote my friend, I'm pissed.

                        I wish they would get their head . . .

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