October 17, 2009

I've been rough on Obama lately

Last night i watched Bill Moyer's—if you are not watching him weekly you are not informed—and they were talking of foreign policy.    I believe Obama is a genius on this.  I know he is in a no win position on Afghanistan but he is struggling for the right approach, listening to all sides of the debate, knowing he will be attacked from one side or the other.  It is his total approach that impresses me—a willingness to encourage all to participate in the conversation and yet he does not give in on his basic principles, way beyond unilateralism—"we're right so get along with it" mentality of the last eight years.  He is willing to lay himself open to a one-term presidency, to engage in his new approach to diplomacy.  Here, Here. . .

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  1. Generosity and Observation go hand in hand. Good for you. Your generosity is showing. MM